Strategic Management Masterclass Pre-work

In order to prepare you for the Certification immersion and enhance your experience, you have some intense pre-work assignments that you need to start on now. The pre-work consists of the following tasks:

Complete the pre-reading for Gold Mastery: Read 12 Articles, 4 books, 2 Volumes of the Standards in the Strategic Planning Field and PLEASE PRINT these articles and/or bring a device for reviewing the materials at the workshop
12 Articles Becoming a Strategic Thinker (Article)
Reinventing Strategic Planning (Article)
Organisational Capacity for Change (Article)
Scenario Planning (Article)
The Fundamentals of Strategic Marketing and Sales Management (Article)
The Parallel Involvement Process (Article)
The ABC’s of Strategic Management (Article) & ABC Thinking Canvas (Template)
Three-Year Functional Planning: All Departments (Article)
Three-Year Business Plans: The Systems Thinking Approach (Article)
Annual Strategic Review (Article)
The Roller Coaster of Change (Article)
Scanning the Future Environment (Article)
4 Books Enhancing Your Strategic IQ (Book)
Reinventing Strategic Planning: The Systems Thinking Approach® to Strategic Management (Book)
Workbook – Strategic Planning Simplified (Book)
Executive Briefing Booklet – The ABCs of Strategic Management (Book)
2 Standards in the Strategic Planning Field Volume I: Leading and Thinking Competencies (Book)
Volume II: Planning and Change Competencies (Book)
4 Optional Readings Strategy vs strategic planning (Article)
Systems solutions vs Simplistic Problem Solving (Article)
Executing Your Strategic Plan (Book)
Strategic and Systems Thinking (Book)