Haines Centre Australia offers tailored workshops, master classes, consultations, agile sessions, bootcamps, webinars and strategic conversations for local and state government, private industry and not-for-profit sectors.

Learn how to successfully coordinate difficult situations by applying the Systems Thinking Approach® to Reinventing Strategic Planning™.

Master Class: 3½ days  – Strategic & Systems Thinking – strategic concepts, analysis and implementation tools.
Workshops: 2-2½ days – Reinventing Strategic Planning – methodology to develop strategic positioning.
Agile sessions: ½ day – Think, Plan, Act
Bootcamp: 1 x 10hour day
Facilitated Consultations: 2-10 days of meetings – integrate strategic thinking, planning and change within your organisation.
Webinars: 6 x 90min sessions
Strategic Conversations: 1 hour sessions
Gold Mastery Certification

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Haines Centre Key Strengths

Haines Centre Key Strengths

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