About us

The Haines Centre for Strategic Management LLC is an internationally recognised, leading-edge global alliance providing organisations with strategic and systems thinking principles.

We are Architects of Strategic and Social Change – Built on the Foundation of Systems Thinking.

We are a values-based partnership that has a proud tradition of systems thinking in practice. We work with organisations as multi-minded, multi-purpose social systems that are part of a larger purposeful system (society).  Please click on the following links to hear from two of our founding emeritus Global Partners –  Mr Jim McKinlay (Canada) and Mr Allan Bandt (Australia) about their view of what it is like to be a part of the centre.  If you want further information on how to join us – please click this link HERE to take you to a our global website.

The Haines Centre has true global reach with offices in 10 countries across the world. Our global portal maintains a knowledge base of over 150 organisations that apply the Systems Thinking Approach® to their business model.

Haines Centre Global Alliance

Haines Centre Global Alliance

The Haines Centre for Strategic Management LLC offers specialised knowledge from our large pool of master consultants, trainers and facilitators with experience in private industry, government and not-for-profit sectors.

Haines Strategic Management Consultants Key Strengths

Haines Strategic Management – Key Strengths


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