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Dr Lewis Atkinson Global Partner in the Haines Centre for Strategic Management Ltd ACN 631 884 798.  He is an accredited Strategic Management trainer and facilitator working in the areas of systems thinking, social enterprise, research,  innovation.  Also a member of the Australian Evaluation Society (see trainer & consultants listing here) and part of the Ian Potter Foundation Evaluation Pool IPF pool. For resume, academic profiles and professional biography

Services include:

Enhancing product integrity ISBN 97817419116

Maintaining and liberalising access to world meat markets ISBN 9781741911701

Achieving consistent eating quality ISBN 9781741919998

Enhancing the nutritional reputation of red meat ISBN 9781741913026

Increasing cost efficiency & productivity – on-farm (beef) ISBN 9781741913507

Increasing cost efficiency & productivity – on-farm 2.6 Aggressive promotion in the market place ISBN 9781741913347

Improving industry and market information ISBN 9781741913828

Ensuring  sustainability ISBN 97817419138285471

Aggressive promotion of Australian beef in Japan and Korea ISBN 9781741916546

Developing new markets and products ISBN 9781741919073

Aggressive promotion in the domestic market (beef) ISBN 9781741919998

Link for an overview of the MLA Program of Evaluation HERE

Link for work facilitated with all of the RDCs HERE to create a collective evaluation framework for impact assessment and reporting

Systems Thinking News

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