Strategic Systems Thinking

The Systems Thinking Approach® to Strategic & Systems Thinking Certification

The Systems Thinking Approach® to Strategic & Systems Thinking is a certification to integrate disciplined methodology with strategic and systems thinking tools and training techniques.

You’ll learn how to master the application of  strategic and systems thinking tools for innovation and change, as well as the necessary training skills to build capacity for strategic and systems  thinking in your colleagues and customers.

Systems thinking translates concepts and principles into sustainable models of innovation and change and it’s these key elements that are the building blocks for self-motivation, problem-solving, team-collaboration and consistently achieving better results.

Be the go-to person when success must be assured!

Before acquiring the certification, you must complete a prerequisite that includes a two day face-to-face training workshop in Strategic and Systems Thinking Foundation tools and techniques. An alternative option is to participate in the 13-part webinar series Systems Thinking Conversations – to download summary paper of the 12 Laws click HERE. These weekly webinars are also recorded, so that you can schedule them to suit yourself ($935 value).

Once the you have attended our two day foundation workshop or completed the webinar series, the next steps to Gold Mastery Certification are as follows:

  1. Participate in a 3½ day Master Class – The Systems Thinking Approach® to Strategic & Systems Thinking.
    This intensive workshop builds on the webinar series to develop your skills and confidence to train and build capacity for strategic and systems thinking in others. You will work with two Master Consultants/Facilitators and a group of aspiring Systems Thinkers. Bring your own training plans to which you can apply the concepts ($3,795 value).
  2. Complete an implementation project of your choice
    You will be coached by Dr Lewis Atkinson, a Haines Centre for Strategic Management Master Consultant, who will support you throughout your training plan (minimum 6 x 1 hour coaching sessions) and its evaluation by assisting you to document your experience as a case study ($4,000 value).

The Gold Mastery Certification has a total value of $8,730, but if you book by 30 June 2018, you can save 40% and pay only $5,238.


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