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The Pearls of Wisdom
Author:  Stephen Haines

Destination Thinking  
Author:  Stephen Haines with V. MacLeod and Terry Schmidt

Strategic Thinking Handbook #1  – Top 10 Tools for Daily Problem Solving  
Author:  Stephen Haines

Strategic Thinking Handbook #2 – Top 10 Everyday Tools for Strategic Thinking  
Author:  Stephen Haines

Reinventing Strategic Planning – The Systems Thinking Approach
Author:  Stephen Haines with Jim McKinlay

Strategic Planning Simplified (Workbook)
Author:  Stephen Haines

Strategic Thinking for Leaders – 50 One-minute Leadership Tips
Author:  Stephen Haines

Enhancing Your Strategic IQ – Winning Strategies from A to Z
Authors:  Stephen Haines with Stephen Lin

The ABCs of Strategic Life Planning – Systems Thinking Approach to a Fulfilling Life and Career
Author:  Stephen Haines

The ABCs of Strategic Management (Code: EBRSP)
Executing Your Strategic Plan (Code: EWC)
Strategic and Systems Thinking (Code: B-SST)


  • Marketing and sale plan templates
  •  Strategic Plan template

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